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The JCMC Advanced Care Team is made up of healthcare professionals who help provide an array of services to assist individuals and families in coping with complicated health or medical situations in the most effective way possible thereby achieving a better quality of life. Our Care Coordinators help people to identify their goals, needs, and resources. Working together with patients and families, Advanced Care Team Members formulate a plan to meet goals and help patients to find community resources. Care Coordinators also maintain communication with patients and families and evaluate whether the plan is effective in meeting goals.


1. Coordinate communication between your healthcare providers
2. Assist you in finding appropriate community resources, such as outpatient therapies, medical equipment, transportation,

services, nutrition services, home health and hospice.
3. Help you understand how and when to take your medications
4. Spend extra time answering your health-related questions
5. Assist you in scheduling appointments.


Care Coordinator Contacts:


Meghan Muscarella LPN Clinical Supervisor   910-219-8311

Brittany Janeway, LPN                                         910-219-6160

Aida Belk, CMA                                                     910-219-8322

Sheila Williams, LPN                                           910-219-8334